Officer directory

This is a page with some basic contact information. It’s still in the making. Please have patience while we get this updated.

Baron – Duke Sir Alan Youngforest
Send an email to the Baron ( – Viscountess Avelyn ingen Uilliam
Send an email to the Baroness (
Seneschal – Baroness Sheelaegh
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Deputy Seneschal – OPEN
Exchequer –  The Honorable Lady Helena Handbasket
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Knight Marshal –  Duke Sir Basil Der Drache
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Minister of Arts and Sciences – Lord Aedh mac Eoghain
Chatelaine – 
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Herald – Aurora
Chronicler – 
Youth Minister – 
Quartermaster – 
Rapier Marshal – Sevya
Archery Marshal – Baron Robert the Lost
Thrown Weapons Marshal – 
Youth Marshal – 
List Minister – 
WebMinister – The Honorable Lady Ariadne Flaxenhair of Dragon’s End (Acting)
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