From Their Excellencies, August 2018

Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron of One Thousand Eyes, do send warm greetings to the People of the Barony.

The Baronial gathering on July 14 was well attended, and everyone had a nice time. There was plenty of fine food, even better company and the weather was great. Many participated in the thrown weapons and archery, honing their skills, and having fun.

Our monthly gatherings are important for building the group, giving new people an opportunity to come and see how we operate. We welcome ideas for the monthly gatherings to make them more fun and interesting.

At Uprising, we re-connected with the group of SCA players in Salmon, Idaho. They are excited to try and get their group going again. They reportedly have six paid members in their area. We are trying to set up a demo/educational day to travel to their area and help them learn more about the SCA and Our Barony. When this date is established, We will let you know. If you can come help support this new group, it would be great.

Coronation will be at Harvest War, and We urge you to try and attend. TRH Yuri and Summayya will be stepping up as Crown. This is a fun event, and a close drive to get there. Please make plans to attend!

The Barony of 1000 Eyes at The East Idaho Renaissance Faire

Friday and Saturday, June 29 and 30. It is located on the Lyman, Archer, Ririe Highway at the Twin Bridges Campground. South 600 East Rexburg, Idaho. The Faire opens at 11am and closes at 8pm.

This is a Demo.  Please dress accordingly to put forward the best and friendliest face of the SCA forward.

The set up time in our pavilion will start 9:30 am on Friday and Saturday.  Please bring items to display. If you wish to stay overnight, there are campspots avaliable. We will need help on Sat eve to take down the pavillion and load it in the van.
Please bring your own water as there is none on site.
This is a great event for recruiting members. Please come and help us draw them in!

From Their Excellencies

Unto the Populace of One Thousand Eyes, greetings from Baroness Avelyn and Baron Alan!
Uprising was a success. The final tally was 300 people attending this fun event. As usual, we had a variety of weather, but the rains did not dampen the fun. The shopping, fighting, archery and thrown weapons activities were great. A HUGE thank you to all members of the Barony who worked so hard to make this memorable Uprising 31 happen!
July 14 will be our monthly Baronial gathering. As it was last year, the primary activity will be the Baronial Archery Championship. Bring your bows and arrows to shoot and have fun. We will likely have some loaner gear there as well. Tomas will be there with his thrown weapons for those who wish to try it out. Bring your projects to work on, your armor to fight if you wish. It will be a fun relaxing day. This will be held at Baron Alan’s manor, the Uprising site. We will start at 11:00 and finish up about 5:00 pm. Bring something for a Potluck lunch.
The first week of the Renn Faire, held near Ririe went well. We had a great display laid on, and had many interested people. Hopefully, we will get some new people to join us in SCA fun.
Please try to join us for Fighter Practice on Thursday nights. It is held at the Greenbelt, near the Roundabout. This is near the intersection of Memorial Drive and D Street. Please come in garb and bring projects to work on and enjoy each others company. This location has a very high visibility for passersby. This is a great opportunity to recruit new members.
Again, We wish to thank each and every one of you for making the Barony a great place to be!

From the Baron and Baroness

People of One Thousand Eyes, receive these greetings from Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron,

Spring and warmer weather is upon Our Barony, and We are excited with all the fun things that are coming up, and progress within the Barony.
But first, We are very happy to announce that Artemisia’s Heirs to the Gryhon Throne is TRH Yuri and Summayya! In a very clean Crown
Tournament, Yuri and Summayya emerged victorious over a field of 17 competitors. We are sure that TRH Yuri and Summayya’s reign will be fun and exciting!

May 19 will be our Baronial gathering. It will be held at the Idaho Falls summer fighter practice site on the Greenbelt. We will start at 12:00 noon,
and have a potluck lunch. Following that, we will have both an armored fighting tournament and a rapier tournament. We will finish up about 5:00.
This will be a fun, laid back event. It will also be an excellent recruiting opportunity. Please plan on coming and enjoying each other’s company!

Uprising is moving along great! There are a number of fun classes, fighting scenarios, shopping opportunities, and fun with friends.  The Uprising website is up, the address is Any information you
could wish for can be found there. Please complete the pre-registration form, so that we may properly plan for the number of people who will be attending this great event.

July 14 will be Our Baronial Archery gathering. It will be held at the Uprising site. Like last year, this will be our Baronial Archery Championship Tournament. There will be interesting medieval based archery challenges offered to test the skills and good humor of all competitors.

Effective immediately, Fighter Practice has moved to Idaho Falls. We will meet at the Roger’s Building, with fighting at the nearby Park. When the
evenings are warm enough, we will return to the Green Belt fighter practice site.

We urge each of you to find a new person to bring into the SCA. Recruiting needs to be a top priority for each of us. To maintain a strong vibrant
Barony, new people are needed.

Yours, in service to the Barony
Avelyn and Alan

Fighter Practice has Moved to Idaho Falls for the Summer

Fighter Practice has Moved!
We’re at the Rogers Building in Idaho Falls for the summer.
Warmer temperatures and longer days allow us to make use of this lovely park space, and last Thursday drew 3 guys in armor and a number of rapier fighters.  It’s going to be a fabulous summer for everyone to get outside in the fresh air and knock the rust off their fighting game.

Come join us!

How Uprising Pre-Registration Works

Due to a policy at the Kingdom level, the Barony cannot accept money in advance for the event.  (It’s a little more complicated than that, but this is the effective policy.)

However, we very much would like to know how many people are coming, so that we can order enough porta-potties, have enough trash cans, provide land registration, parking, and other amenities.

So, we’re asking you to fill out a pre-registration, just like you would anyway.  We’re also telling you that you should not send any money with your pre-reg forms.  People on the pre-reg list get the discounted rate for the event, and will be able to get land allotments just like they normally would.    Everyone else pays the at-gate rate.

This is the link to the Pre-registration form for the event:

Merchant space is free, just register using the form below.  Note that Merchants *also* need to complete a pre-registration form for the event:
Uprising 2018 Merchant Packet

From Around Fight Practice, April 12, 2018

The beginning of a Viking Hood
Designing a Scroll
Working on a piece of garb.
Learning calligraphy.

Some of the activities and projects happening around our fight practice on Thursday Nights.   People do a lot of different things, ranging from making clothing, to fiber arts, to calligraphy and illumination, to making armor.