From Their Excellencies, August 2018

Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron of One Thousand Eyes, do send warm greetings to the People of the Barony.

The Baronial gathering on July 14 was well attended, and everyone had a nice time. There was plenty of fine food, even better company and the weather was great. Many participated in the thrown weapons and archery, honing their skills, and having fun.

Our monthly gatherings are important for building the group, giving new people an opportunity to come and see how we operate. We welcome ideas for the monthly gatherings to make them more fun and interesting.

At Uprising, we re-connected with the group of SCA players in Salmon, Idaho. They are excited to try and get their group going again. They reportedly have six paid members in their area. We are trying to set up a demo/educational day to travel to their area and help them learn more about the SCA and Our Barony. When this date is established, We will let you know. If you can come help support this new group, it would be great.

Coronation will be at Harvest War, and We urge you to try and attend. TRH Yuri and Summayya will be stepping up as Crown. This is a fun event, and a close drive to get there. Please make plans to attend!

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