From the Baron and Baroness

Avelyn and Alan, Baroness and Baron of One Thousand Eyes, send these warm greetings to the Gentle People of this Fine Barony.

Though Our greetings are warm, the weather is not.  Winter has returned to Our lands and the chill is in the air!  By the time you read this, hopefully spring will be well on it’s way!  We look forward to the green and warmth of the summer!

On February 10th a casual revel was held at Baron Alan’s manor.  We were very happy at the great turnout.  There was wonderful fellowship, tasty food, and warm laughter in the air.  Many thanks to all who were able to attend.

Baroness’ Championship event will be on March 17, held at the York Grange south of Idaho Falls.  This will be a fun event, with fighting and feasting, and much more.  Please make plans to attend this fun event.

We plan to travel to the Barony of Bronzehelm and celebrate Coronation, on March 4.  We would be very happy to have more members of Thousand Eyes Populace attend.  There will be seats available for the trip up there.

Uprising will be on June 13-17.  This is only a little over 3 months away by the time you read this.  Make sure to plan your vacation for this great event.  Please plan to teach a class.  Thousand eyes is blessed with many talented, skilled, smart people.  Share your knowledge with others at Uprising.

Check out the new Baronial web site,  Also the new Uprising website is (webminister note: not up yet due to life but the first uprising notice is up at a menu bar pick on the baronial website.)

Finally, a reminder of Our challenges to each of you during this year.  First, bring a new member into the SCA, share the fun with someone else.  Second, write an article for the Argus during this year.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

From the Seneschal – Biz meeting Feb 13

Greetings One and All,

It’s that time again — the monthly populace/business meeting is tomorrow night Feb. 13th. Officers here is your friendly reminder to send me your reports by 3:00 pm Tuesday the 13th.

Meeting is at the Blackfoot Community Charter Middle School on 1350 Parkway Dr. Suite #30. Meeting begins at 7:30 pm. We encourage all to attend.

Event stewards please come prepared to give your event updates. The Barony is also accepting bids for Baronial Birthday (the November event) and our January 2019 event. I know it may seem like we are being a little excessive in our attempts to secure event bids, however, these events will be here before you know it.

If you are interested in hosting an event but have never tried it, don’t be shy. The Barony is here to help you in every way possible. You will not be on your own. The same goes for feasting at an event. There are several of the populace who love to cook and would be more than willing to assist you with whatever you would need.

In Service,
Sheelaegh – Seneschal

Website work wobbling along

We had a computer meltdown over the weekend which means I spent the weekend swearing at it and not getting the website back up and running. My schedule leaves me little time during the week so I’m stuck working on the website on weekends mostly. I’m shooting for Feb 17/18 to get it back up and happy again, followed by the first version of the new uprising website.

The Calendar function is not yet reinstalled – that takes some time so it will definitely will not be back up until the weekend.

from, the Grumpy Webminister